Becoming One Community


Our job readiness program is a series of workshops, seminars, and networking events that will prepare the ex-offender for the job search market. The workshops offered will cover the following subjects:

  • Overcoming their past, living in the now, and preparing for their future
  • Discovering their own personal skills sets
  • Completing a job application for a position
  • Networking for the success
  • Creating a powerful  and focused resume that will cater to the position that he/she is seeking
  • Presenting a professional image ( including dress, body language, written and spoken  communication), whether in an interview, or whenever contact is being made with a potential employer
  • Interviewing professionally for a job
  • Following up after the interview
  • Being a model employee when hired for a company.

The workshops will not place candidates for positions; instead we are offering tools to effectively search for a job.  These events are held in small classroom like settings with no more than 15 students at a time.  This is to allow for more personal and in depth attention to each client. 

The seminars are offered by various speakers at different times throughout the year.   These sessions will further enhance the Job Readiness tools, and further increase the skills of those who have gained employment.  Some of the speakers will be members of the business community, any social services provider, and empowered ex-offenders.   We believe that utilizing an ex-offender will even more enhance the authenticity of the program.

Last but not least are our networking events, which are community functions that will further empower the community.   These events provides opportunities for ex-offenders to meet with members of the business community with the sole purpose of seeking gainful employment.   Also this allows for the business community the opportunity to tap into a market of skilled labor for their organizations.   

In conclusion, our Job Readiness Program is the foundation for the other programs.   Ideally this is the first program, however we understand that in some situations, there is a need for other programs to be introduced at that time as well.  This information would be gathered once we initially interview the client.